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My icon is by tumblr user neyruto
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I love the first look. I hope my stylist can do it.

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Another print for Anime North!

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@lleeron_ :-) #yowapeda

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Arcanine for JustinChan's  PokeCollab on twitter.

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took a break to catch up to this SHOWW

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Also guess i drew #mlp ?? Tho i don’t watch it?

#mlp #sketch 
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galaxyspeaking s lanky teen twins with tattoos inspired me to doodle some myself

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Season 2 of Gravity Falls just started and with it a ton of teenage mystery twins headcanons… Bonus pic with Pacifica’s incredulous face when confronted to 17 yo Dipper ! 

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i realised i don’t own any blue wigs so last week i ordered 4

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Det er faktisk mega sjovt at bruge blæk

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sousuke yamazaki??? nah what a jerk what a— [trips] [hundreds of thousands of photos of sousuke yamazaki spill out of jacket] w-what  a fuckign asshole i these arent mine im just [gathering them up frantically sweating] listen i just listen fuck [thousands of pictures of sousuke yamazaki scatter across the floor] shit fcuk im holding them for a friend just listen 

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