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dietsoduh oh!!! Nice!!! Congratulations to us!

clayterran thank u uou ♥ it was really nice talking to you at närcon! But I’m sorry we didn’t get to talk more. I hope you enjoyed the con just a little bit!

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I forgot to post this on here too. It’s another chibi commission I did at närcon! This one being of envy from fma

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Noone send me any birthday presents I’m disappointed in you all.

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Oops if course the two german armor ladies need to be next to each other… :,-)

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It’s my 21st birthday so u bettet send me gifts

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Sketches from the car ride to närcon

#free! #sketch 
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#närcon2014 super sweet noragami cosplayers makes my heart ache ♥ :’) #noragami

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Super cool rose cosplayer! #närcon2014

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MET LIGHTNING! !!!!! SUPER CUTE AND NICE ♡ she seemed happy to get my lego keychain gift too aaa I’m glad

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And the last commission i did at närcon! Few but cute commissions this time! #närcon2014 #yowapeda ??

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Commission for a super nice and understanding commissioner! It was a lot if fun to draw!

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